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Your Essential Guide to Mobilize Your Business Applications

In short

Businesses increasingly demand highly capable and secure mobile applications as part of their IT infrastructure.

Developing first-class mobile apps brings unique challenges, but with a solid strategy and a comprehensive understanding of the issues you can overcome them.

Developers embarking on mobile development for the first time need to know something: mobile software development follows different rules. Mobile apps must be faster and more agile, with easy-to-use interfaces, innovative functionality, and high quality throughout.

Additionally, mobile applications must align with company targets and strategies while offering real business value to users. It’s your role as an IT professional to demonstrate the business value that your mobile applications offer, and how they can effectively support your customers’ strategies.  

By identifying user groups, new areas of application, and innovative functionalities, developers can successfully tap into the immense potential of mobile applications - and serve the strong demand for this software. 

In this whitepaper, we outline the steps you need to take at each stage to deliver the best quality mobile apps to business customers.

Key discussion points


Developing a mobilization plan for your business applications

Best technologies

Selecting the best technology for the mobilization of your business applications

Customer demands

How to keep up with more regular updates and constant innovation

Table of 

Your Essential Guide to Mobilize Your Business Applications
1: Introduction 
2: Develop the Mobile Application Concept 
3: Start Your Mobile Application Development 
4: Distribute Your Mobile Application 
5: Best Practices for Mobile Business Apps 
6: About the Servoy platform

Your Essential Guide to Mobilize Your Business Applications