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On-Premises to Always On: How to secure your Cloud-Hosted App in 2020

In short

Cloud-hosted web applications are in strong demand, yet many IT professionals and software engineers postpone moving to the cloud. 

Already overloaded with projects, it’s hard to keep up with evolving security measures. This whitepaper outlines the essential cloud security best practices for you.

The cloud offers tremendous benefits such as reduced capital expenses, enhanced business flexibility, reduced time to market, and the ability to reach customers that are further afield. Before moving to the cloud, however, software engineers and IT professionals must do their due diligence to ensure their customer data will remain secure.

Fortunately, there are established best practices you can follow to mitigate risks and keep your customers’ data safe in the cloud. This paper provides an overview of how to implement the latest thinking on web app security. You will be able to show your customers that you have done your due diligence and left nothing to chance.

With a better understanding of the knowledge required, costs, and time challenges of adopting a cloud-based software model and the best ways to address these challenges, IT professionals are better positioned to leverage the cost savings afforded by the cloud and to pursue new revenue streams.

Key discussion points

Best practices

Established cloud security practices that ensure security is built into the process

Servoy Cloud 

Ensures use of security standards such as SSL, automatic encryption, docker static security scanning, and binary hashing.

Continuous learning

Cloud security demands continuous learning to keep up with latest exploits and testing methods

Table of 

On-Premises to Always On: How to secure your Cloud-Hosted App in 2020
1: Introduction
2: Why the Cloud creates considerable challenges for ISVs 
3: Challenge #1 -  Knowledge deficit 
4: Challenge #2 - Cost deficit 
5: Challenge #3 - Time deficit 
6: Established Security Best Practices
7: In Sum 
8: The Servoy Cloud Enables ISVs to Meet Strictest Security Requirements 
9: Benefits of the Servoy Cloud

On-Premises to Always On: How to secure your Cloud-Hosted App in 2020